Skull talk

Skull talk is important. 

You are the voice you hear most often.

On your road to being great at communication we can’t forget about how we talk to ourselves.

How should you talk to yourself?

Try this:

Dear Self,

You don’t have to worry about someone “taking our place”.
As long as we keep welcoming challenges and looking for problems to solve we almost can’t go wrong.
There are not many other people willing to do that.

You are a hero for always trying to improve yourself.  

Don’t compare us to other people.
Compare us to our-self and measure our success on lessons learned and our perspective gained since last year.

I know money is the most popular measurement to track improvement, but it shouldn’t be.

In fact, take it easy on us from time to time!
No one is perfect.
We can’t control everything all the time.
Let’s stick to us being the change we want to see in our field of work and in our world.
We can control what we focus on.

I know our best is good enough.
I think the trick is sticking to what we are best at and surrounding ourselves with people who can help us with the rest.

Stop talking about how “we are not getting any younger”
Who is?!
I know, I know… A younger body would be nice.
But I wouldn’t trade our wisdom for anything.
What we lack in stamina we can make up for in making smart moves.

Let’s follow trends to keep up with what our customers want.
I am okay with that.
But please don’t forget to learn from those who have proved a strategy that works in the year we are living in.

I am aware we have responsibilities.
Just don’t forget us in the mix.
I am you.

I know we haven’t been the best of friends in the past.
Let’s let those days be finished.
Together I get the feeling we can get back up from anything.

#onyou #strikeamatch #burnyourships

The Traditional Story of New Year’s

Soon we will put 2018 on our documents and it will feel new.

Why does the conclusion of one calendar for the beginning of another hold so much of our attention?

Why do we anticipate coming of a new year with such hopeful possibility?

Is this time of year more magical in its influence over us than any other time?

Of course!

But why?

The Decision:

Reality exists in your mind before you will see it in your life.

We have nominated the coming of a new year as special in our culture.

We have decided to make it special.

The New Decision:

What if you didn’t reserve this positive outlook for one time of year?

What if you decided that every day you would feel the newness of the traditional New Years optimism?

Is it possible to think this way?


Here is the truth:

You can.

You can start every day with the same refreshed perception of your future.

It is as simple as deciding to practice being optimistic and energetic.

Here is the mindset:

Every hour is new.

Every day and every minute.

Why celebrate just once a year?

What good is it?

Why isn’t it enough to say we are always in a position to do what we want?

I believe it is enough and I believe you deserve to feel powerful every day.

The new year starts in September, March, April, January and other months depending on the culture you observe.

Do we magically change as a human that day?

No, we don’t.

We can be better as we go.

Here is a darker and more urgent truth about life:

It ends.

The best New Years resolution goals live in the graveyard. Unrealized dreams because they were always put off for the new year.

You are alive.

Take a hold of your every day and race it until nightfall.

Take control of your goals by acting on them.

Know that a goal is just a dream unless you act.

The Motto:

The happiest I have ever been is now.

I am my own boss.

I own my decisions.

I accept the challenges that come as part of my journey.

I have decided not need a new year.

I have accepted being in a constant state of gratitude because it is the way to greatness.

I have no competition outside of myself.

I am in control of my journey because I can always make different decisions.

I steer the course.

Today and every day.

Soon we will put 2018 on our documents.

Happy New Years will be said.
Resolutions will be made.

Resolutions will broken…but not by you.


#cdmthinktank  #byoalpha

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