Have you ever noticed that the last person you extend your forgiveness to is yourself?
When someone hurts us, we immediately need to hear “I am sorry”.
There is a healing property in the words “I was wrong”.
As humans, we forgive others if we hear “I am sorry” or “I was wrong”.

We just don’t… forgive ourselves when we make a mistake.

Most golden rules advise that we should forgive the people in our lives that have mistreated us.
When did that start not including us too?
You are a person in your own life after all.
It is in our best interest and the interest of those around us to extend forgiveness and positive self-talk.
Including us.
I have found this works best when you say it out loud.
You are the only person you have to spend every moment of your life with.
You may as well be friends.
I find that the better I am to myself, the better I can be for other people.
We promise to be good partners to the people we work with and live with.
It is a good habit to practice on us what we promise to others.
When you forgive yourself you free yourself up to be generous again.
When you are feeling generous you are out there trying and doing.
That is when all good things happen.

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