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Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance.

Yet, the only way we know what failure feels like is if we have experienced failure in the past.

A past experience we consider a failure that left an imprint on our memory telling us:  “whatever you do, don’t let this happen again because it hurt”

Where does that leave us?

It leaves us with negative feelings towards tension.

Tension occurs when we are in-between movements.

Questioning if we should take an action at all, or if we even can.

Tension in the moment is anxiety because anxiety doesn’t tell us why we are afraid in a moment.

The brain simply takes over the body, shutting it down.

This means that only one thing can counteract the negative feelings we have about anxiety and tension.


Take action.

You have to begin writing a story if you want to have any say in how the story ends.

Action is to failure’s one true kryptonite.

It cripples failure because failure needs you to slow down, overthink, and stop all movement forward.

Think about it.

Failure is not usually an event.

Failure is the slow unwinding of events coming to a final halt.

Failure is a decision, an assessment of the story you tell yourself.

A story does not write the person, a person writes the story.

A success story is written by a person with the tenacity and fortitude to move.

Move forward.

It does not matter how fast you move.

Just go.

Once more into the fray.


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