You should start the habit of being aware on an entirely deeper level. So deep that you will have to not just see what it right in front of you.
You should ask WHY.
#1 Becoming more competitive in this economy where technology is king does not mean you will physically exerting more energy.
#2 Technology is not something I care about. I only care about where people pay attention to products and services my clients need to sell.
#3 People do not like online advertisements. They are interruptive and annoying. Stop paying for them.
#4 If you do not speak directly to your consumer without advertising, they won’t hire you. They won’t hire you because people are buying based on trust.
#5 Word of mouth is still the best way to sell. Word of mouth is happening online.
#6 Time can’t equal money to be rich. You need the newest, scariest, and most mysterious tools and software to scale your ability, to tell the truth.
Systems that work today almost always involve rejecting the standard metrics as a first step in making a difference. When you measure the same metrics, you’re likely to create the same outcomes. But if you can see past the metrics to the results, it’s possible to change the status quo.
If you are too scared to make a change, that’s ok you are not alone. You don’t have to change a thing. You do not have to step out of your comfort zone. It isn’t my place to force you to be uncomfortable.
You have to decide what you are worth. Do not let the internet of things stop you.
Here is an insight that Amazon will never admit…
They would ship a free “Alexa” to everyone in the United States if it would not raise so many questions. 
Questions like….WHY?
Once you start asking WHY you will begin to understand how the future has already been predicted.
Once you ask WHY you won’t need to pay attention to anyone claiming they can give you insight on current trends.
They have already lost.
Start asking WHY.

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